yoga teacher training sacramento

300 Hr Yoga School

Now accepting applications for this special yearlong program. It’s time to dive in the structure of formal study and all the support that comes with that. Questions? Just ask.

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The Nuance of Twists

All twists are not created equal; nor should our approach to them be. Gain a greater understanding of the suppleness of these perspective-changing poses.

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Labyrinth of the Heart

A special creative workshop series.
Make your own finger labyrinth and use the metaphor of this inward spiral for meditation and reflection. All materials included.

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Let's explore a deep level of health and well-being...

through the wisdom and practicality of Ayurveda,
   healthy movement and gentle rest of the body,
the medicine of food,
stories, poetry and the teachings of mystics
   and the healing power of community.

I call all these things Yoga.