Summer of the Goddess
a Women’s Retreat

**Retreat is FULL**
June 7-9, 2019
Sutter Creek, Amador County

It’s been a wild ride for Goddesses throughout time. Every culture has its stories, myths and symbols of the goddess — from Eve to Kuan Yin to Kali. And let’s be honest, most of those stories have been misinterpreted, reinterpreted, even rewritten to make them fit into a world that wanted the goddess to stay in her place.

Nonetheless, the Goddess endures. Her strength in nurturance, her intuitive superpowers, her intimate relationship with the earth.

As Artemis, she honors the natural lifecycle of things — sometimes ruthlessly — and is not afraid of her own strength and radiance. In Isis, she’s attuned to that which exists beyond time and matter, the magic and mystery of things. She is Sarawati and Hathor as story and ceremony and art and beauty. She is abundance and prosperity of life in Lakshmi. And she knows the underworld journey is essential to a wholehearted life through Persephone and Kali.

She is the blossom.
She is the fruit.
She is the harvest.
She is the decomposition
that goes back to seed.

goddess cards

In this three-day retreat, we will invite the energy, lore and symbolism of several goddesses into the fullness of summer.

Our own explorations through Yoga, stories, poetry, reflection, ceremony and sacred making (creative/crafting opportunities) will invoke a deeper relationship with the goddess aspects of ourselves — both what we call light and dark.

As always, earth medicine in the form of herbal teas, flower essences, essential oils and organic body treatments will help bring us into a place of greater intimacy and care for our bodies.

The intention of this retreat is threefold:

  1. Claim some time and space for yourself. Slow down. Rest. Attune. Look up at the stars. Nourish your senses. Reconnect with your magic. Shift into a more self-honoring rhythm.

  2. Explore the theme of the Goddess in story, ceremony and symbolism. We’ll use the mythology of several goddesses to inspire a deeper connection to ourselves, honoring all our dimensions.

  3. Create a repeatable touchstone. You’ll leave with realistic ways to stay in touch with your own sacredness. You don’t need a life overhaul — maybe you just need to be seen and held and appreciated exactly as you are.

Our recent retreat remains that lush place in my mind where I can retreat anytime.

Retreat Life

yoga retreat

The retreat opens on Friday, June 7th at 4 p.m. with a work-the-kinks-out practice before dinner. This will be the first of our group yoga practices suited to all levels of experience.

Our yoga practices will be an exploration of the zenith of summer, as the Summer Solstice approaches. Morning class will be active and fluid, followed by an afternoon journey into the quieter side of yin and restoratives. You are also invited to join an optional meditation and pranayama before breakfast.

During your ample downtime, you might take a walk on the 20 acres surrounding our castle, lounge by the pool, read, write, nap or engage in conversation with like-minded women.

This time is for you to create exactly what you need. No expectation and no obligation.

Mouth-watering, organic meals will be together in the dinning room overlooking the pool.

On Sunday, we'll have a final group practice, then brunch. We’ll wrap up with some take-home goodies and a closing circle. You'll have plenty of time to pack up and head out around noon.

As always: You are invited to do or not-do whatever you want the whole weekend long.

My body and mind are calm, I am relaxed and refreshed. I feel truly fortunate. ~Nicole
sutter creek yoga retreat

Why the Goddess theme?

Oh, ladies. We are the caregivers, the intuitive, sensitive shape-shifters who handle it all. We are the glue and the alchemists of our communities and families.

In different ways throughout time, we have been devalued, blamed, shamed, ignored, harmed, and so much worse. Whatever progress had been made by women and for women in past decades needs to be bolstered, reinforced and amplified right now.

Several things come to mind:

  • Many women I talk to feel a heightened sense of worry or fear these days. I know I do. This is tiring. You may feel weary. You may need a break, some tlc, to be cooked for and loved on. Reconnecting with nature can help, unpretentious movement can help.

  • We can’t do this work alone. We need to lock arms, cheer each other on, see each other and be seen by each other. There’s no time for competition, for pettiness. Being a working, family woman who is also a woman of spirit, soul and sacred intention can be isolating — who can we talk to, share with, who “gets it”? This is the perfect circle for that.

  • Let’s take support and motivation from everywhere. Through the lens of the Goddess, we have a sense of the arc of time, the cycles progress goes through, the way many things can be true simultaneously, the myth of binary light/dark, good/bad. We have stories and symbols to help when we feel lost or confused.

As a lover of stories, metaphor and beauty, I take heart in what the Goddess symbolizes for me. At this retreat, you get to listen for and feel into what that is for you — what pieces to take home as your super power alter ego.


Summer Solstice

summer solstice retreat

Summer Solstice, the crest of the yearly cycle, the culmination of the nurturing and tending we did in winter and spring. It’s important to pause and look honestly at where we are, perhaps in contrast to where we intended to go. This is a time to celebrate our efforts and take note of what’s working and what isn’t.

Caring for ourselves is courageous. With the boost of summer energy, it can be easier to tap into passion, celebration, courage and self-confidence. And if we don’t feel those things, we can let ourselves be lit up by sitting in the sunshine with the bumble bees and birds.

This weekend will be a time for enjoying the extra daylight, swimming during the afternoon and sitting by the fire pit under the stars in the evening. We’ll also take advantage of the feast that summer provides — our menu will be organic, plant-based and seasonally appropriate.


yoga retreat sutter creek

The Country Victorian

Our retreat will be held in the beautiful Sutter Creek area, about 60 minutes east of downtown Sacramento.

Sitting on top of a knoll on 20 acres of wooded land, our country-style Victorian house is far from the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s 4700 square feet of newly remodeled luxury, every room is thoughtfully decorated and has everything you need.

The backyard resort has a pool with a wading area, waterfalls and slide. There’s a fire pit and plenty of seating, as well as little nooks where you can walk or tuck away for some quiet time. At night, we’ll huddle by the fire pit and look at the stars.

Athena Master Suite King Bed

Athena Master Suite King Bed

There are several levels of accommodation.

  • Private Master Suite with sitting area, king bed, private balcony and enormous bathroom with a clawfoot tub.

  • Private Junior Suite with queen bed with its own bath.

  • Two shared rooms — one with two queen beds; one with a double and a twin.

  • One bunk room — get three girlfriends and have a solstice slumber party.

There’s a shared living space, dining room, breakfast nook and expansive kitchen. There are many different areas to enjoy on the land or by the pool. Plenty of opportunity for privacy or conversation.


Retreat Package

Your retreat includes:

Aphrodite Junior Suite Queen Bed

Aphrodite Junior Suite Queen Bed

  • 3 days, 2 nights accommodation

  • Three exquisite meals a day

  • Movement practices suited to meet the needs of all levels of experience

  • Two separate meditation and pranayama practices

  • Poetry, myths and stories from mascot goddesses as a container for our curiosity

  • Gifts and tools for your continued pampering

  • Creative inquiries and sacred making opportunities for personal investigation

  • Private restorative time

  • The opportunity for community and interpersonal connection

As any woman who’s retreated with me will tell you: I love to treat you like a queen….er, a Goddess.

Expect to be showered with love!

The “value” of a retreat

Venus Shared Room

Venus Shared Room

Each morning, afternoon, and evening, there will be a blend of movement practices, simple rituals, creative collaborations, sacred self-care and discussions interspersed with time to just be, wander, dream, and relax. Our experience together will be sprinkled with gifts, talismans, and tools—heart offerings custom made for you.

It’s really impossible to describe the magic that happens on retreat. It’s something that has to be experienced. People have used words like, divine, dreamy and life-saving.

If this speaks to you, if you are craving some space for yourself, if you are nurturing a new or injured part of yourself, if you feel dry and depleted, if you want sisterhood… come. You will thank yourself a million times over.

I am deeply grateful to Michelle for creating such a healing journey. It was the perfect blend of good yoga, loving people, and doing absolutely nothing! ~Sam


Lakshmi Slumber Party Bunks

Lakshmi Slumber Party Bunks

Retreat registration is dependent on the level of accommodation. 

There are only 10 spots total. *FULL*
Prices are per person.

Athena Master Suite $1200 (photos) CLAIMED
Aphrodite Junior Suite $1000 (photos) CLAIMED
Venus Shared Room $849 (x4) ALL CLAIMED
Lakshmi Bunks $649 (x4) ALL CLAIMED

Group practices, organic meals, lodging and all ceremony and activity supplies are included.

If you register for a shared room, please indicate if you have a roommate request. Otherwise you will be paired with care.

Contact me if you want to discuss anything about the retreat or have questions. Especially if you've never been on a retreat before, or if you've had a less than great experience on one, ask all the questions you want. I'm here.

There are many reasons and benefits to taking a retreat — if you feel pulled and you don’t know why, trust the longing.

If you are ready to register, just click the magic button below. A $400 deposit saves your bed — I will contact you with confirmation details within 24 hours.

You are a Goddess!

A portion of your registration will be donated to RAINN, the country's largest antisexual-assault organization.


I Confess

I Confess
I stalked her
in the grocery store: her crown
of snowy braids held in place by a great silver clip,
her erect bearing, radiating tenderness,
the way she placed yogurt and avocadoes in her basket,
beaming peace like the North Star.
I wanted to ask “What aisle did you find
your serenity in, do you know
how to be married for fifty years, or how to live alone,
excuse me for interrupting, but you seem to possess
some knowledge that makes the earth burn and turn on its axis—”
but we don’t request such things from strangers
nowadays. So I said, “I love your hair.”

– Alison Luterman