Daylong Ranch Retreat

A women's retreat
Saturday, June 16th, 2018
Sky Ridge Ranch, Wilton


Summer in its fully glory -- how can we use that energy as fuel... sustaining rather than surviving?

This Summer Ranch Retreat will offer Yoga, rest and Ayurvedic tools for sustaining and balancing the heat, brightness and intensity of summertime. We will be close to the summer solstice, a great time check in with intentions and dreams for the year. And of course, there will be a delicious, organic lunch prepared for you.

A one-day retreat can be just enough time to receive the benefits of getting away without taking a whole weekend out of your life.

For the time we are together, we create a little bit of magic
and that stays with me when I leave. 


Daylong Retreat

We pack a lot into a day, while keeping the schedule spacious and relaxed. 

wilton, ca

The retreat day begins at 9:30 am for "summer chai," walking the ranch, horse medicine and connecting with the other women.

Our formal practice commences at 10 am with pranayama, meditation and asana suited to balance the conditions of summer. All levels of practice are (always) welcome.

Lunch is organic, nutrient-dense goodness prepared specifically for our little group and tailored for Ayurvedic seasonal support. Beautiful, delicious food, prepared and cleaned up for you -- at the last daylong retreat, one participant exclaimed, "I feel like royalty!"

After lunch there will be free time to be in nature, journal, take a rest in one of the luxurious bedrooms, pet the horses or whatever else your heart desires. 

The system of Ayurveda provides wisdom for keeping the body in balance and is particularly useful as seasonal care. We will have a short session packed with useable tips for managing the heat of summer and tending to the physical and emotional ailments that can pop up this time of year. This is often participants' favorite part -- the practical tools the enable us to continue to support our well-being at home.

We'll come back to the mat for cooling breathwork and restorative postures. Then we'll close our circle and depart from the ranch around 5 pm.


screened in patio

Summer Season

Ooooh, the heat of Sacramento summers.

Excessive fire element can create rashes, dryness, digestive issues, irritability, short-temperedness and lack of focus.

This day retreat will help balance the summer heat with:

  • Ayurveda earth medicine – aromatherapy, self massage, do's and don'ts for the season
  • Emotional wellness – slowing down, cooling and being steady in the body all support emotional balance 
  • Yogic practices for health – asana, pranayama and meditation to support harmony and responsiveness in the nervous system




sky ridge ranch


sky ridge ranch

The Ranch

Our retreat will be held at the beautiful Sky Ridge Ranch near Wilton, about 25 minutes south of Sacramento on I-5.

The ranch house is a huge space with cathedral ceilings, 5 bedrooms and many special nooks for privacy.

The grounds are ranch-style! There's a koi pond in the yard, big trees for shade, wide open skies and a pasture with a pond and three horses, happy to make your acquaintance.

One can feel the pace starting to slow as the horizon opens up on the drive there. You're really in the country and your emotional body will respond with a deep sigh.


I noticed that, for a period afterward, I had an easier time sleeping, more motivation to take care of myself, and a stronger sense of connection to ... life. I think the connection is what has the biggest effect on me, talking about nature and the seasons, and being with Michelle and other women. I’m reminded that every one of us struggles and we’re all trying our best.

The movement during practice, the plants that make up the food and essential oils, and the bit of conversation are all experiences of connection to my body, the planet, and each other. So it’s not so much a learning as an experience of remembering —
that I belong in this world. ~Shannon


Retreat Package

Your retreat includes:

equine therapy
  • A full day on the ranch; 9:30 - 5 pm
  • Morning snack and beverage
  • An exquisite, organic lunch
  • Two guided group practices specific to summer season
  • Ayurvedic education on balancing the heat of summer
  • Take-home products for seasonal care
  • Private, silent time
  • The opportunity for community and interpersonal connection




Daylong retreat is $199. 

There are only 12 spots total (2 spots left). Would love to have you there!

For a daylong with two extended yoga practices, organic lunch, Ayurvedic education AND take home health-care products, this is a great deal. The love and pampering alone are worth it!

To register, just click the magic button below. You will be able to pay your deposit through Paypal -- I will contact you with confirmation details within 24 hours.

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