Fall Renewal

A two-week reset for your body and mind

You feel it?! The sun is out, everything is budding, spring is here!

And I bet you feel it in your body, too. Sleep patterns have changed, you might be more active being outside more, and maybe you’re eating different foods as spring veggies hit the farmer’s markets.

Both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda view spring as an ideal time for a cleanse. I’m not talking a fast or a juice cleanse, but a whole food, simplified diet to prepare our bodies for a change — in weather, light and activities — and check in with how our systems fared in the last season. And since our bodies are built to eat what is in season to ensure a variety of nutrients, it’s good to reset before making a shift.

What’s a Refresh?

I like to think as my seasonal resets as a Refresh. Especially after the hardiness of winter — with denser and heavier foods to help us ground and stay warm — a food Refresh is like opening all the windows in the house and letting some fresh air and light in. Some people say cleanse, others say detox. I like a more gentle approach.

Whatever you call it, these seasonal markers are a great time to simplify the diet, giving the digestive system a break and clearing any accumulated toxins from the body and mind.

What type of protocol will we follow?

Our Renewal practice will follow a plant-based menu of whole foods, adequate hydration, herbal support to aid digestion, elimination and detoxification, along with light movement and guided meditation.

If that sounds like a lot to contend with, it isn’t. This is about simplification, making small and realistic efforts, and clearing some beautiful autumn space in your body/mind.

This is the year I swore I’d put my own health and well-being first, so I’m working on creating consistent, healthy habits.. This workshop was the
perfect thing to get me on the right track.


Why a Refresh?


The system of Ayurveda provides wisdom for keeping the body in balance and is particularly useful as seasonal care.

A simple Refresh can help:

  • improve digestion and elimination

  • support the immune system

  • encourage healthy body weight

  • bring mental clarity, focus and motivation

  • create a sense of lightness in body and spirit

  • clear out any stuckness from the winter season

  • set up good food habits for the next season

  • feel more in touch with nature

  • give you the practical tools the enable you to continue to support your well-being at home

  • create a sense of support and community through in-person gatherings


The Format

Your two weeks of Renewal

  • We kick off with a one-hour, live virtual workshop on Ayurveda for the spring season. We’ll cover some Ayurvedic basics as well as specifics on the Refresh. You’ll receive a workbook prior to the class and a recording of the session (perfect if you can’t make it on that Saturday).

  • You’ll receive a Refresh Kit in the mail that includes herbal support, a salt scrub and spring body oil.

  • During that week, you’ll follow a simple protocol to prepare for the food Refresh. For example, you work toward eliminating refined sugar, processed foods and alcohol from your diet. You’ll also receive supplies like a liver support tea to help your body get ready to reset.

  • Our second Saturday will be a one-hour virtual Refresh Kick-off. There will be more specifics about the Refresh and Q/A time. This will kick off our official Refresh.

  • That week, you’ll be simplifying your eating to a monodiet for your chosen number of days (3 or 5). You’ll have recipes and meal plans, as well as unlimited email support.

  • You’ll receive written guidelines for food reintroduction after a cleanse and the continued detox process that goes on in your body for up to two months.

  • You’ll have all the tools, goodies and materials you’ll need for all stages of the Refresh.


Ayurvedic herbs


The Refresh Includes

You’ll have everything you need to support and care for your body:

  • Two live virtual workshops — recordings included in case you miss the classes.

  • Education on the basics of Ayurveda and seasonal care for spring

  • A Refresh workbook, including shopping lists and a meal plan

  • A two-week protocol to follow; the first week is general guidance, the second week is a specific meal plan

  • Follow up support to bolster the effects of cleansing

  • Short movement practices to support the resetting of your systems

  • An audio meditation to help keep you clear, grounded and focused

  • Herbal support of essential oils and teas

  • A body oil and salt scrub to support the cleansing process

  • Email check ins, tips and encouragement

  • Email support through the Refresh

feeling so supported in a multitude of ways to go deeply inward and learn to nurture myself on a whole new level. Feeling such appreciation for you and for this process.

A few of my other health issues seem to have resolved. Food really is medicine.

My advice to someone considering your events: Come and meet this extraordinary teacher who puts together the most loving, peaceful, fun, interesting,
soul and body nourishing offerings.


Ayurvedic Refresh is $185 or two payments of $93

If you are feeling heavy after winter, if you need a digestive reset, if your heart and mind could use an uplift, join the Refresh.

Saturdays (using Zoom video conference):
April 6, 1-2 pm
April 13, 1-2 pm

Recordings of classes will be sent the same day.

If you have any questions, I’m here.

To register, just click the magic button below. You will be able to pay through Paypal -- I will contact you with confirmation details within 24 hours.