Women’s Yoga Retreat

September 28-30, 2018
Westerbeke Ranch, Sonoma Valley



Taking retreat is a powerful way to check in with oneself, restore from the effort and output of life, and slow down from the pace of our culture. Come reconnect with your own deep and quiet truths.

As summer winds down, we will take focused retreat time to relax into our own rhythms and align with nature to heal, nourish and fortify.

We will be easy with our bodies in this common time of fatigue and need for restoration. 

We will use the tools of asana, meditation, pranayama, mudra, community, silence and nature to bolster creativity, clarity, and a strong sense of going forward with purpose and lightness. 

Our recent retreat remains that lush place in my mind where I can retreat anytime.

Retreat Life


The retreat opens on Friday, September 28th at 3 p.m. with a work-the-kinks-out practice before dinner. This will be the first of four group yoga practices suited to all levels of experience.

Our yoga practices will be an exploration into the strength and support that comes from paying attention. Morning class will be active and fluid, followed by an afternoon journey into the quieter side of yin and restoratives. You are also invited to join an optional meditation and pranayama before breakfast each morning.

During your ample downtime, you might take a hike, hang in a hammock, lounge by the pool, read, write, nap or engage in conversation with like-minded women. This time is for you to create exactly what you need. No expectation and no obligation.

Mouth-watering meals will be together in the dinning room overlooking the pool.

On Sunday, we'll have a final group practice, then lunch. We’ll wrap up with our Ayurveda take home goodies and a closing circle. You'll have plenty of time to pack up and head out by 3.

My body and mind are calm, I am relaxed and refreshed. I feel truly fortunate. ~Nicole

Why a women’s retreat?

We manage so much in a day, from the small transgressions of ordinary interactions to the difficult events and losses that show up in life. The pace and overload of day-to-day living don’t offer much time or space for these feelings to be processed.

And we are Women. We are the caregivers, the intuitive, sensitive shape-shifters who handle it all. We are the glue and the alchemists of our communities and families.

It is essential for our physiological health as much as our emotional health (not that they are separate) that we take the time – make the time – to tend to our inner garden. The one that is quiet, subtle yet clear. The one who knows that true strength comes from loving and living in our vulnerability. This is the power of woman.


Fall Seasonal Transition

yoga retreat sonoma

In this season of late summer turning into fall, our systems can be dry and brittle while still dealing with bouts of heat. Our spirits can be low and melancholy, our bodies exhausted. It’s a good time to release, let things fall away. It’s important to rest deeply and care for our bodies with tender love.

By connecting to the earth and going into the roots of who we are, we will nourish our bodies as well as those winter dreams. When vision and inspiration comes from a connection to the Big Mother, things flow with more ease and simplicity.


To support us in this potentially unsettling time of fall, we will call on the following tools:

  • Ayurveda earth medicine – aromatherapy, self massage, nourishment tips for the season

  • Emotional wellness – prompts for expression, observation and transformation

  • Yogic practices for health – asana, pranayama and meditation to support harmony and responsiveness in the nervous system

  • Community and connection – resting into the intricate web of ancestry that lives through us as women, building and strengthening the bonds of trust, practicing our unique gifts of seeing and communicating with exquisite clarity and compassion


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The Ranch

Our retreat will be held at the beautiful Westerbeke Ranch near Sonoma, about 90 minutes from Sacramento and 60 minutes from San Francisco.

Westerbeke is a quaint country retreat built in the 1930s, surrounded by stately oaks, rolling grass hills and vineyards in Sonoma’s Valley of the Moon.

westerbeke cabin

Grounds include a labyrinth, garden paths, “walk-in” stone fireplace, hot tub and plenty of quiet nooks.

Cabins are charming California Mission and Mexican-style.

Each bedroom offers shared accommodation (two beds/people per room), its own bathroom and residence area for unwinding.

These accommodations bring out the quiet simplicity of the retreat experience.


Retreat Package

Your retreat includes:

garden deck
  • 3 days, 2 nights accommodation

  • Three exquisite meals a day

  • Four group practices suited to meet the needs of all levels of experience

  • Two separate meditation and pranayama practices

  • Ayurvedic education and take-home goodies

  • Creative inquiries and prompts for personal investigation

  • Private restorative time

  • The opportunity for community and interpersonal connection


The “value” of a retreat

It’s really impossible to describe the magic that happens on retreat. It’s something that has to be experienced. People have used words like, divine, dreamy and life-saving.

I am deeply grateful to Michelle for creating such a healing journey. It was the perfect blend of good yoga, loving people, and doing absolutely nothing! ~Sam
cabin at westerbeke ranch

But mostly they talk about the difference it makes after they get home – many report they feel deeply rested, make better food choices, are less irritable at work and with family, and feel more clear and at peace.

This is a special retreat, as it combines physical yoga practice (asana, breathwork and meditation) with practical Ayurvedic wisdom and inquiries to open the emotional body. It’s a ton of content value, yet there will still be time for personal reflection and/or community.

If this speaks to you, if you are craving some space for yourself, if you are nurturing a new or injured part of yourself, if you feel dry and depleted, if you want sisterhood… come. You will thank yourself a million times over.



Retreat is $699. 

There are only a 14 spots total (ONE spot left).

See photos and read more about Westerbeke Ranch (we are in the Green and Blue cabins).

Contact me if you want to discuss anything about the retreat or have questions. Especially if you've never been on a retreat before, or if you've had a less than great experience on one, ask all the questions you want. I'm here.

If you are ready to register, just click the magic button below. You will be able to pay your deposit through Paypal -- I will contact you with confirmation details within 24 hours.

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