The Labyrinth of the Heart

A three-week creative series exploring the symbol of the labyrinth
Fall 2019 — Dates TBD Email for updates

The labyrinth is a circular and spiraling path to a center point. There is one way in and one way out. There are no wrong turns and you cannot get lost.

Labyrinths have been used for centuries for meditation, as spiritual practice and as a metaphor for the path of life. For some it symbolizes wholeness, for others it’s about finding center.

In this series, we will create our own finger labyrinth, as well as explore stories, meditations and reflection questions on the metaphor of the labyrinth.

My favorite part of this work is coming together and sharing.
It reminds me that I’m not alone.


Do I have to be artsy to make the labyrinth?
No. This is a simple project that does not require any special “art” skill.

finger labyrinth

Will there be any yoga or movement?
While we may do some easy stretching, there will not be a formal asana practice. We will enjoy a couple short meditations. We will also walk a full sized labyrinth on the last week.

What if I miss a week?
If you miss a week we can arrange to get your supplies to you so can complete your project.

Will there be homework?
It is likely that you’ll finish up the assigned piece of your project at home so we can all move on together for the next stage. This should not take more than one hour at home. You will receive reflection questions for optional journalling in between classes.

How do I work with a labyrinth?
There are many ways to work with a labyrinth, including asking a question, walking with an emotion, walking to an emotion or person at the center, or simply noticing what comes up for you on the path. The magic of a labyrinth is nothing short of…magical.

Where will this be held?
These classes will be in a lovely space called EPIC, a private yoga studio off Howe Avenue near Fair Oaks Blvd. We will be sitting at tables, not on the floor (unless you want to). Yoga props are available to make your seat comfy or for stretch breaks.

Is everything included?
Yes, you’ll have all the tools, goodies and materials you’ll need for walking the labyrinth of your heart.

I feel so much more prepared to deal with the difficulties in my life using the tools from your workshop. I feel more peace than ever before.

The Labyrinth series includes

  • All supplies and instructions to create your own finger labyrinth

  • Theme, metaphor and symbolism ideas to deepen your experience of a labyrinth

  • Reflection questions and meditations to support your labyrinth inquiries

  • Herbal support to help open the heart and quiet the mind for your explorations

  • Walking a labyrinth for a full-body experience of the journey

My advice to someone considering your events: Come and meet this extraordinary teacher who puts together the most loving, peaceful, fun, interesting,
soul and body nourishing offerings.


The Labyrinth of the Heart series is $145 or two payments of $73 
Limited spots available.

Saturdays, March 9, 16 & 23, 2019; 1-2:30 pm

If you working with an aspect of grief, a life path question or in the midst of change, step into the labyrinth of the heart.

If you have any questions, I’m here.

To register, just click the magic button below. You will be able to pay through Paypal -- I will contact you with confirmation details within 24 hours.