Fall Renewal

An open, sacred and sensual space for physical, emotional & spiritual nourishment during the transition into Fall.

Live course runs September 22nd - October 5th, 2019
Our private online community opens September 16th, 2019
Registration closes Friday, September 20th


How do you want your body to feel as the season shifts into cooler weather?
What do you want your mindset to be as you ease into darker days?

These are just a couple of questions we can ask ourselves during this pivotal change in season. Because as the world around us changes, we can feel the effect emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. 

Maybe you feel a need to emotionally rest after a busy summer of travel, household projects, family activities and braving the hot temperatures. Or maybe you’re feeling a bit melancholy because the high energy of summer is your juicy time and you’re not ready for jackets and shorter days, just yet. And for some of us, we may notice this seasonal shift in our bodies with dry skin and difficulty sleeping. 

During your time with us, you will reflect on all of the beautiful energy of summer and take the time to welcome the transition into the cooler days of autumn.

You will be inspired and supported in discovering the bounty of the season with dietary realignment, detox remedies, guided meditations and a deep dive into resetting your energy.

Why do we reset with the seasons?

During the summer heat, our bodies kick into overdrive. We are often running from place to place. Trying to find the shadiest nook to shield us from the sun. Traveling or taking vacations. And for some of us, carting the kids around to their endless camps and activities. Our four bodies (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual) all need a chance to pause. An opportunity to regain our center and regroup. 

And if we take our cue from the season, we’ll see it’s also an ideal time for letting go. And while that thought may seem scary to some (what do I let go of? what if I don’t want to?), we’ll put some balm on those fears and talk about release as part of the natural process of things. You’ll have simple, non-scary exercises to help you explore what letting go might look like in your life and how you can embrace it with trust.

Seasonal markers are a great time to simplify your perspective.
Give your digestive system a break, give your emotional self a soft landing place
and clear any accumulated toxins from the body and mind.

palo santo smudge
This is the year I swore I’d put my own health and well-being first, so I’m working on creating consistent, healthy habits.. This workshop was the
perfect thing to get me on the right track.

What type of protocol will we follow?

During the Fall Renewal, we’ll focus on:

Physical Renewal

Our Physical Renewal practice will replenish the physical body from the inside out. You’ll revel in a menu of plant-based whole foods, adequate hydration and herbal teas to aid digestion, elimination and detoxification. And all of this will be accompanied with some light movement guided by Ayurvedic teachings.

Emotional Renewal
Our Emotional Renewal practice forms a beautiful, supportive relationship with our physical being. You’ll experience guided meditations, journal prompts, tips and suggestions for bringing simple and sensual rituals to your daily life, and the loving and compassionate support from us and our Renewal community.

In case you’re wondering, the Fall Renewal:

  • Will not leave you feeling hungry or deprived.

  • Can be done while maintaining your day-to-day routine.

  • Can be tailored to your body, your lifestyle and where you’re starting from.

  • Doesn’t involve fasting or taking lots of pills.

This journey is about simplification, making small and realistic efforts, and clearing some beautiful autumn space in your body and mind!


What can I expect from this?

fall tea blend

Our Fall Renewal will:

  • Introduce you to herbal support for physical and emotional detox

  • Teach you how to bring ritual and sensuality to your daily rhythm

  • Have you enjoying simple, healthy and delicious meals perfect for your body and the season

  • Create a sense of lightness in body and spirit

  • Improve digestion and elimination by eating foods that your body deeply craves

  • Support the immune system

  • Encourage healthy body weight

  • Connect you with a beautiful community of women with live calls and a private community forum

  • Give you the practical tools for sustainable self-care habits


The Format

Your two weeks of Renewal will follow this general timeline:

  • We kick off with a one-hour, live virtual workshop on Sunday, September 22nd, which will include:

    • Introduction to the fall season according to Ayurvedic teachings

    • Review your Renewal Workbook and talk about the week ahead

    • A guided meditation to help uncover the potential of release this autumn

  • During the first week, you’ll:

    • Follow a simple protocol in your workbook to help minimize stimulants and inflammatories in your diet

    • Start to make space for self care rituals like quiet reflection, listening to guided meditation and oiling your feet before bed.

    • Schedule your 30 minute consult

  • Our second class will be a one-hour virtual Renewal Kick-off on Saturday, September 28th:

    • More specifics about the Renewal

    • Q/A time

    • This will kick off our official Fall Renewal!

  • For Renewal week, you’ll follow the recipes provided in the workbook. You’ll have meal plans, as well as unlimited email support.

  • In our last one-hour live class on Saturday, October 5th:

    • Wrap up the Renewal week and talk about reintroduction of foods

    • Ask questions and/or share about your experience

    • End with a meditation to create a beautiful sense of closure as well as continuation

  • You’ll receive written guidelines for food reintroduction after a cleanse and the continued detox process that goes on in your body for up to two months.

  • You’ll have all the tools, goodies and materials you’ll need for all stages of the Fall Renewal.

A few of my mysterious health issues seem to have resolved.
Food really is medicine.
bowl of herbs

What’s included in the Renewal?

You’ll have everything you need to support and care for your mind & body:

  • Three live virtual workshops — recordings included in case you miss the classes

  • 30 minute 1:1 with Michelle or Tanicia with a follow-up email and personalized suggestions and tips

  • Special Fall Equinox ritual for the energetic peak of the season

  • Education on the basics of Ayurveda and seasonal care for fall

  • A Renewal workbook, including shopping lists and a meal plan

  • A two-week protocol to follow; the first week is general guidance, the second week is a specific meal plan

  • Short movement practices to support the resetting of your systems

  • An audio meditation to help keep you clear, grounded and focused

  • Downloadable e-book: (Re)discover & Awaken Your Four Bodies

  • Journal prompts and reflection questions

  • Email check in’s, tips and encouragement

  • Email support through the Renewal

  • Follow up support to bolster the effects of cleansing

You can also purchase a Fall Renewal Bundle which includes:

  • Spice blend specific to the fall season that encourages liver function and adrenal balancing

  • Body oil with a blend of essential oils perfect for maximum hydration for this dry season

  • Nasya Oil to keep you grounded and bolster your immunity

  • Salt Scrub for gentle detoxification

  • Simple tea candle for ritual

  • Custom tea blend for fall

the world tarot
I’m feeling so supported in a multitude of ways to go deeply inward and learn to nurture myself on a whole new level. Feeling such appreciation for you and for this process.

Registration - Closes Friday, September 20th

Fall Renewal is $250 or two payments of $125
Fall Renewal Bundle is $69 plus shipping— add on at checkout **Only 5 Bundles left!

If you’re ready to create the space for self-care and emotional and physical nourishment, join the Renewal.

Class dates:
(via Zoom video conference)
Sunday, September 22nd, 1-2 pm
Saturday, September 28th, 1-2 pm
Saturday, October 5th, 1-2 pm

Recordings of classes will be sent the same day.

If you have any questions, we’re here.

To register, just click the magic button below. You can pay through Paypal, by check or with cash -- I will contact you with confirmation details within 24 hours.

What others have asked about our
seasonal experiences before signing up:

Why is this a better choice than other kinds of “cleanses” (juice detox, shakes, kitchari, fasting, etc.)?

Three reasons:

  1. The food! While your main week of renewal will include an Ayurvedic kitchari dish (a perfectly balanced, whole protein dish of rice, lentils and veggies with medicinal spices), you’ll be eating other delicious and simple meals specific to your nourishment needs for fall -- grounding, satiating, with a rich mix of minerals and vitamins.

  2. Individual time! You get a 30 minute private consultation to help guide you through this seasonal transition in a way that is personal to you. You can ask questions specific to your health, body, lifestyle and situation. You’ll get a write up with a summary of the call and recommendations and ideas to keep you going.

  3. Mail! You have the option of purchasing our Fall Renewal Bundle of small batch products specific to the season. We aren’t just leaving you in the ether of the computer screen… we are making products chosen for the needs of fall -- dryness, melancholy mood, constipation, sleeplessness -- and packaging a bundle of love to send to your doorstep.

I’m going on a trip / it’s my birthday / I have two kids -- can I still do it or can I do it another week?

Yes and yes. There’s never a perfect 14 days where you have nothing going on. Part of stepping into Renewal is learning to feed our bodies well during the normal events of life. And while we’re outlining a two-week time frame based around the fall equinox, you can follow this protocol anytime this fall -- many successful Renewers start after the “official” date.

What if I can’t make it to one of the calls?

No problem -- everything will be recorded and we’ll send you the links to listen when you’re ready. You’ll have those forever!

Do I have to fast? Can I snack?

This is not a fast and yes you can have snacks. This is not about deprivation. It’s about feeling nourished. You’ll be enjoying three meals a day with snacks if you want them.

Do I have to give up coffee??

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do! Part of the protocol will be an invitation to see how you feel without caffeine, sugar, flour, dairy, meat and alcohol. When we remove these elements from our diets, we get a sense of how we could feel without them (which is usually more energetic and clear-headed). The real experiment is to see how you respond - if you choose to go back to them - when you reintroduce them back into your life. Many people feel so good without these foods that they find themselves being more moderate with them in their “regular” lives.

People also find eliminating these food categories easier than they thought it would be — because you have a plan and support!

What if I’m gluten-free? Or dairy-free? Or vegan?

You’ll fit right in!

What if I don’t like the food?

You’ll have lots of options for recipes. You’ll get a meal plan that you can either stick to or modify as you like -- even including foods you already love if they fit into this protocol. Most Renewers discover new recipes that become part of their regular, favorite meals.

I’ve never done a cleanse before - is this a safe place to start?

YES, this is a great place to start. Some cleanses can be more harsh, including fasting, liquid diets or calorie restriction. The Fall Renewal is about transitioning from summer by amping up the nutritional content in the food you eat. Because fall is the season of dryness, our digestive systems follow suit in all kinds of ways (bloating, constipation and gas are much more common). It’s important that our eating shifts to help support the body and minimize these seasonal symptoms. Root vegetables, whole grains soupy/moist meals and lots of vitamins and minerals help keep us in balance.

Because you are a whole person (with what you eat being just part of the equation), we also include physical, emotional and spiritual elements in this program. You’ll be guided through movement, seasonal reflections and rituals to help you connect to the seasonal shifts inside of you.

I’ve done lots of cleanses -- why is this different?

Good for you! These kinds of check in’s are great to practice regularly.

Again, many cleanses are more harsh -- more about “detoxing.” This is a more satiating approach -- what are you really hungry for? What nutrient is your body lacking? Where have you gotten a little sideways in your eating? (For us, it’s sugar!)

We also found that what we want out of an experience like this is personalized support -- someone to TALK to individually. So the 30 minute private consult was born.

We also wanted PRODUCTS. We are both sort of obsessed with body products and practices and love trying new things. If we are going to tell you about our favorites, we wanted to be able to just send them to you -- handcrafted and made for the season. Exactly the products we are using. So we included the option of buying the Renewal Bundle.

Many people love having the support, accountability and inspiration that comes with being in a structured program -- it can make the difference between actually doing it and just talking about it. And every year is different -- you might be going through new things or in a different place in your life. Each time, you’ll collect a few new habits that stick with you for the long haul.

What if I can’t do it for two weeks?

That’s totally fine. Honestly, most people find it’s easier than they thought and they could even go longer. Still, it’s totally up to you -- you can follow this plan for 5 or 7 days and your bodymind will greatly benefit!

Still have questions? Just ask!

Ready for some Fall Renewal to help you feel more grounded, clear and energized?