coffee + pj’s + yoga at home

How’s your quarantine retreat going?

Join me live on the interwebs.


Live Classes

Live online class Wednesdays at 11 am PST.
Everyone and all experience levels welcome.

Weekday morning regulation tool and meditation, 7:30 am PST.
YouTube Live. Free.
(Click for more on how to find the video when it’s live.)

Live online class through Ritual Yoga, Sundays at 9 am PST.
If you’ve never been to the studio, do the new person special.


To register

  • Yoga Wednesdays at 11 am, HERE. Link will be live 10 minutes before class starts. See basic instructions below.
    • If you are able to donate, donations can be made by Venmo (Michelle-Marlahan-1) or PayPal.
  • Meditation Weekdays at 7:30 am, just show up.
  • Yoga Sundays at Ritual, register here.



Meditation recordings are all on

Some of the feedback from sitters has been, this is a lifeline, this allows me to start my day grounded and calm and these have helped me so much.

I’d love to be with you there. I can’t see you (but you can see me!) and you can comment.


ALL kinds of yoga classes on Yoga Anytime
I got the BEST comment on one of my practices there:

I decided to give the Yoga Anytime a shot and although I know your “We’ve Got Your Back” video was meant to help with grief, it also was such a perfect start to my morning today after weeding for 3 hours yesterday lead to a very sore back.

They also have 20, 30, 60, 90 minute classes of all types, as well as specialty topics like Yoga for Anxiety, Ayurveda, and of course, my Yoga for Grief series.
Sign up using code MICHELLE for 30 days FREE.


I hope you are as well as can be, all things considered.

We’re in this together. Reach out anytime.

Big love,

Basic ZOOM Directions: The Zoom Room will open 10 minutes before the start of class — follow the link given for that week. Use chrome as your browser for the best outcome. When you enter the online classroom, type your name in the chat. If you don’t want to download the app, just click “Open in web browser.”  Now is the time for connection! See you there. 😍

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