So there’s a learning curve to this technology thing 🙂

This morning’s meditation did finally get going. I apologize to anyone who got dropped off the first attempt. Here’s where you can watch the replay. In fact, bookmark it!


A little more info on how to find the morning meditations:
Go to the It’s All Yoga YouTube Channel “Video” tab.
I’ll be on LIVE about 7:25 am PST. At that time, you’ll see “LIVE NOW.”
Click that video to join the live stream (it will only say LIVE NOW when I’m live).

 it's all yoga youtube

If you can’t find the chat: it’s ok!! It might be off to the right of your screen, it may not. It may be that the phone version is different than the computer. If you can login or “create a channel” and comment, great.


We will meet every weekday morning at 7:30 am PST. You can sit, you can lie down, you can be in your favorite chair. This isn’t military meditation. This is about finding ease and any amount of calm.


As I said yesterday, you know things are really hard right now.
This means, take extra care with what media you are consuming. There is a LOT of alarmist info flying around.

As my mentor suggested, stay in “healthy” concern and awareness of the facts — the kind that keeps you at home and taking care — and out of pure panic about the unknowable future. Yes, this is going to be long and hard. No, it doesn’t help anything for you to catastrophize.

That’s why we’re doing this meditation thing! To feel our togetherness, to stay right here, to regulate the nervous system.


Repeat of General PSA

You are in your yoga practice, the practice that has helped you prepare for hard times, to do hard things.

Now is the time to not only stay with your practice, but double-down to build resilience, increase your mental immunity and stay in your most aligned state.

We’re all in this together — I’m here. Reach out.




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