In response to some requests I’ve been getting, I’m excited to share two regulation tools, immediately available.

Things are really hard right now.
Scary, confusing, disappointing, frustrating and so much more.
So much unknown.

We all know panic doesn’t help your immune system, nor your state of mind.

Thankfully, here we are with so many helpful practices right at our fingertips, and the magic of technology to keep us close.

So first…

LIVE Morning Meditation

Because of all the things we know:

  • Meditation changes your brainwaves.
  • It’s been proven to reduce the stress response in the body.
  • It can improve sleep.
  • It helps us practice impulse control and increase our tolerance for the unknown.
  • In and/or after meditation, we can experience calm, peace, even bliss.
  • A little bit is enough.

Let’s be together
For two weeks starting tomorrow, March 18th, every weekday morning at 7:30 am, I will be on YouTube Live and you can join me. We can sit together in real time (or anytime with the recording). When you arrive on YouTube, click the “Video” tab and look for the word LIVE in red. That’s where we’ll meet.

We’ll do some kind of regulation technique, there will be a theme or focus, sometimes it will be more guided, sometimes it will be more quiet.

It will all happen in under 15 minutes.

Tomorrow we start with what I call “Of course” meditation.
I’d love for you to be there. Bedhead welcome.


Self Care Kits

Soothing the nervous system is so important — for our immune systems AND our mental health.

In the past, I’ve put together self care bundles with my colleague, Tanicia. We decided the current state of things warranted special mini bundles at a reduced price.

So you can care for your sweet body in and out, the gift of self-blessing.

We curate products that have a big self-regulation payoff.

self care kits

In Ayurveda, cleansing products like sugar scrubs and salt baths are detoxifying, while rich body oils and nasya are soothing and grounding. A daily staple in my own care is herbal tea and seasonal spice mix on my meals.

All products are made with organic ingredients and love.

Read about the Self Care Kits here. *Only 8 available.*


General PSA

You are in your yoga practice, the practice that has helped you prepare for hard times, to do hard things.

Now is the time to not only stay with your practice, but double-down to build resilience, increase you mental immunity and stay in your most aligned state.

We’re all in this together — I’m here, reaching out for your hand if you’d like to reach back.



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