One of the most wonderful things about this season is that it is the only time of year when we are collectively encouraged to believe in magic.

Flying reindeer, elves in a workshop at the North Pole, a man in a red suit coming down the chimney to leave presents. Isn’t it fabulous?

Maybe you’ve heard me talk about how New York City is my favorite place. Magical things happen to me every time I’m there.

When I really think about this, I have to admit that magical things happen because I’m looking for magic. I believe it is a magical place, so I look for evidence of that.

And we can find evidence for whatever we want to prove.

These past couple of weeks have been far “busier” than I wanted and I still didn’t get everyone “done.” Worse, there were a string of days were I forgot to look for magic, I forgot to believe.

Maybe like for me, the holidays are a loaded time for you. Looking for magic doesn’t mean you’re not lonely or there’s no stress about money or your family dynamics are suddenly perfect. All the circumstances of your life are still here.

And… consider the magic of running into an old friend at the store, a line from a poem or a song popping in your head or finding a feather on the sidewalk. We often call these coincidences, serendipity or kismet. Is there a small way you can look for this magic amid the other realities of your life?

Because we find what we look for.

Whatever you celebrate, I’m wishing you magical moments and boundless love.


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