Did you wake up this weekend and think, “It’s already December!?” I did.

Worse, I was saying it even in the last days of November. Nothing like giving away time.

Then I decided to swap one word out of that sentence and everything changed. Try it with me.


Say to yourself:
It’s already December 3rd.


Feel that in your body. In your breath.


Now try:
It’s only December 3rd.


Feel that. What’s happening in your body? Your breath?


Is there a difference?

If it’s a pleasant or useful difference, use it!

Language creates your world. Everything in life is based on your frame of reference, which is invented by you. Change the language, change the way you see something, you change your world!

It might be worth asking: What else could I change in my word choice in order to change my experience?

Wishing you a lovely week!

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